In order to support open research involving skills and groups from various institutions, Campus Biotech has favoured flexibility and agility in its organization. Knowing that each project, due to its positioning and its actors, needs specific resources, the research tools have been gathered on analysis platforms accessible to the different participants, whether they are based on Campus Biotech site or through external collaborations.

Five major platforms have now been established:

  1. Human Neuroscience Platform (HNP)
  2. Preclinical Neuroscience Platform (PNP)
  3. Neural Microsystems Platform (NMP)
  4. Health 2030 Genome Centre Sequencing Platform
  5. Bertarelli Foundation Gene Therapy Platform

These research platforms support the entire development of neurotechnologies, from the manufacture of prototype modeling devices to pilot experiments on human beings. Each platform has a number of basic facilities and provides staff and cutting-edge technologies to ensure first-class fundamental and translational research. The use of the platforms is a truly unique combination offered to neuroscientists and engineers needing support to integrate knowledge from the laboratory into clinical practice.

18 Platforms