The "Design Manufacturing Service" or DMS of Campus Biotech is an engineering platform 

  • at the service of the various research groups, laboratories and platforms, working within Campus Biotech (FCBG, Wyss Center, EPFL, UNIGE, UNIFR);

The objectives of the DMS are:

  • to provide engineering services and advice to the different Campus players, on the one hand;
  • and on the other hand, to realize mechanical, electronic, computer or other devices allowing them to solve some of their technical problems.

The DMS, a collaboration between the Geneva engineering school HEPIA and the FCBG, has been present in the Campus since 2016. 
To date, the engineering skills implemented to respond to various requests come from the following areas:

  • electronic circuits (digital, analogue, altium, kicad);
  • areas of sensors / actuators, bio-instrumentation;
  • software expertise (Labview);
  • microcontrollers (Microchip, Arduino board, etc ...);
  • mechanical and micro-mechanical design and production (PTC Créo, HEPIA mechanical workshop, 3-5-axis CNC turning milling, electroerosion, conventional, welding, etc ...);
  • design of microtechnical devices combining mechanical, electronic, sensors, actuators and intelligence;
  • 3D printing technologies (either at the Campus or via subcontractors);
  • implants, connectors and biocompatibility;
  • metrology;
  • etc.

The DMS platform is managed 

  • By the engineer Fabien Moreillon (assistant scientist in the field of microtechnology and bio-instrumentation at HEPIA) under the supervision of Professor Gilles Triscone (head of research coordination at HEPIA). 
  • Technician Mathieu Vionnet (Microtechnical Technician at the FCBG) completes the team on the Campus. 

In case of need, the DMS obviously benefits from the skills, laboratories, mechanical and electronic workshops as well as professional software from the HEPIA High School.

To date, more than a hundred requests have been honored, finalized and delivered successfully, some innovative developments have resulted in scientific publications, patent applications and attracted the interest of industrialists.
When a request arrives at the DMS, this one is quickly analyzed in order to be able to give answers like for example:

  • We can process your request, which requires engineering skills. This delivery of approximately X hours of work will be carried out under Y days;
  • We can process your request, which requires significant engineering research and equipment purchases. This Ra & D work of about X days of work will be done in the Y weeks. Material costs are estimated at Z CHF;
  • Unfortunately, we cannot process your request because we do not have the skills. However, if you wish, we can try to find them within our network in “Suisse-Romande”;
  • Unfortunately we cannot process your request because the requested delivery time cannot be included in the planning of the DMS but we can re-direct you to a quality external service provider;
  • etc.

For information, the time of realization of a request DMS should not exceed forty hours.

Where to find us?

  • The DMS office is located on the 4th floor of building 3, above cafeteria B3.04 office 230.118 in the area of the HEPIA bio-instrumentation microtechnology laboratory.

How to make an appointment?

  • Directly by email to fabien.moreillon (at) indicating as object "DMS service request".

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