Are you working in the healthcare industry? Are you interested in learning more about global health issues? Would you like to share #YouthPerspectives? Join HYPER Healthcare |Youth Perspectives. EmpoweRed Connect, share and inspire!

As healthcare companies and, the private sector at large, are working towards solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic, a common theme is emerging – young professionals are rising up, joining forces, and facing these challenges head on with unwavering confidence, in order to contribute to a solution now and shaping a sustainable future. Reflecting on this trend, IFPMA has identified the need for a platform that allows young professionals, in the life-science industry (and beyond), to connect and grow in response to an ever-changing global health landscape.
That’s how HYPER Healthcare | Youth Perspectives. EmpoweRed came about. It is platform serving to mobilize, equip, and connect young representatives in the healthcare sector. HYPER will aim at empowering young professionals by increasing their exposure to and understanding of global health issues. By doing so, it will leverage and reinforce the culture of networking and will enable young professionals to share their stories and learn from each other.
We invite you to share HYPER with young professionals in your network interested in global health topics. Young colleagues (indicatively millennials, age range between 25-35, but with flexibility because being youth is also often a state of mind!) are the ideal participants to join HYPER!

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