Jul 11, 2018

The initiative was held in the park of la Perle du Lac in Geneva and, for the first time, at Campus Biotech. For this occasion, in fact, the neighboring site has exceptionally opened its doors and its laboratories to the public.

Hundreds of researchers invited by the Natural History Museum of Geneva, its site of the Museum of the History of Science and Campus Biotech shared their knowledge and passions around their scientific activities and the various issues of their discipline.


For this 2018 edition, the Nuit de la science has decided to stick its nose in the kitchens of research. How come? How does it work? Who are these curious characters capable of understanding the universe, matter or brain and producing beautiful molecules, elegant mathematical formulas and new images?


A large and relaxed crowd, including many children, have surged into Campus Biotech and Park of la Perle du Lac this weekend to debate, experiment and even taste the science until late into the evening. This affluence confirms once again the strong public interest for this event.


The Nuit de la Science is a key laboratory in scientific mediation. In our societies, which are fully engaged in a post-truth era, the transmission of knowledge must be more than ever innovative, participative and a source of enthusiasm to face the return of a global skepticism and even a certain obscurantism.


The Nuit de la Science is a manifestation of the Department of Culture and Sport of Geneva led by the Museum of Natural History Museum of Geneva and its site of the Museum of the History of Science.