CyberPeace Institute

The CyberPeace Institute, is an independent, non-profit, Geneva-based organization dedicated to increasing stability and security in cyberspace. It works to safeguard the integrity of the online ecosystems on which we all rely.

Cyberspace is present in all aspects of our modern life. It allows us to connect, work, learn, do business, create communities, access essential services - from healthcare to water and food, and exercise our rights - from protecting our privacy to online voting. 

When cyberattacks are conducted, human beings are always impacted. But the asymmetry between the capacity of attackers and victims leaves large groups of populations vulnerable, often without the ability to fully recover. Attackers benefit from ambiguities in laws and the fragmented ecosystem of norms, and in this way, perpetrators are rarely held accountable for the harms they inflict.

The CyberPeace Institute was created in 2019 to challenge the world and remind us all that digital space is first and foremost a human space. We tell powerful stories about those who are impacted by cyberattacks, and those who defend them. We investigate and expose the facts, whoever the actors, whatever the region. We advance discussions with governments, industry and civil society. We make sure that all actors take responsibility and are held accountable for their actions in cyberspace. 

In the heart of International Geneva, at Campus Biotech Innovation Park, we mobilize a global and diverse community to ensure human security, dignity and equity in the cyberspace – to achieve cyberpeace.